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DIFC Wills

GCC Law has lawyers who are accredited by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) Wills and Probate Registry. Our focus is on ensuring that the rights and interests of expats and non-Muslims in the region are protected. Once a will is registered it ensures its application is not governed by Sharia Law. This allows for more considerations and protection of assets from unplanned distributions. The DIFC Wills & Probate Registry only applies to non-Muslims.

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DIFC Wills

GCC Law experts assist throughout the process, ensuring that your estate devolves as per your wishes. Family members, loved ones and beneficiaries don’t need to wait a protracted time to finalise your estate. As your legal representative, we guarantee that we can provide exceptional services for the people you care about and carry out your instructions down to the last detail.


At GCC Law, we specialize in advising non-Muslim clients on the establishment of DIFC Wills, offering comprehensive asset protection solutions tailored to their needs. DIFC Wills provide a robust legal framework for non-Muslim individuals residing in the UAE to protect their assets across all asset classes, ensuring their wealth is preserved and distributed according to their wishes.


Comprehensive Asset Protection


DIFC Wills offer non-Muslim expatriates in the UAE a reliable mechanism to safeguard their assets against the complexities of Sharia law. Our legal experts assist clients in structuring DIFC Wills that encompass all asset classes, including real estate, financial investments, business interests, and personal belongings, providing peace of mind that their assets will be distributed in accordance with their instructions.


Customized Legal Solutions


At GCC Law, we understand that each client’s asset protection needs are unique. Our team works closely with clients to tailor DIFC Wills to their specific requirements, taking into account their family dynamics, financial situation, and long-term objectives. Whether clients seek to protect their assets for future generations or ensure the smooth transfer of wealth to beneficiaries, we provide personalized legal solutions to meet their goals.


Estate Planning Expertise


Our legal experts possess extensive experience in estate planning and asset protection strategies. We guide clients through the intricacies of DIFC Will creation, offering strategic advice on asset titling, beneficiary designations, and succession planning. By carefully structuring DIFC Wills, we help clients minimize tax liabilities, mitigate risks, and preserve wealth for future generations.


Legal Compliance and Peace of Mind


GCC Law ensures that DIFC Wills comply with all relevant legal requirements and regulations in the UAE. Our team handles all aspects of the DIFC Will creation process, from drafting and execution to registration and enforcement, providing clients with peace of mind that their assets are protected and their wishes will be honored in the event of incapacity or death.


Accessible and Efficient Services


We prioritize accessibility and efficiency in delivering DIFC Will services to our clients. Our streamlined processes and responsive legal team ensure a smooth and seamless experience, allowing clients to establish DIFC Wills with minimal disruption to their daily lives. With GCC Law, clients can confidently navigate the complexities of asset protection and estate planning in the UAE, knowing that their interests are safeguarded by experienced legal professionals.


Protect Your Assets with GCC Law


For non-Muslim expatriates seeking robust asset protection solutions in the UAE, GCC Law offers expertise, experience, and personalized service. With our comprehensive DIFC Will services, clients can protect their assets across all asset classes and ensure their wealth is preserved for future generations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in safeguarding your assets and achieving your estate planning goals.

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