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Digital Securities, Tokenization and Real World Assets (RWAs)

In the innovative realm of digital securities, GCC Law offers expert legal counsel on the creation, offering, and regulation of security tokens. Our services are designed to bridge the traditional finance world with the new possibilities afforded by blockchain technology. We advise on structuring security token offerings (STOs) and digital security offerings (DSOs) that comply with securities laws, providing a digital yet regulated alternative to traditional securities. Our team ensures that from the token design to the investor agreements, all aspects of the security token ecosystem are legally sound and optimized for client success.

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Digital Securities, Tokenization and Real World Assets (RWAs)

Securitizing and Digitizing Real-World Assets


The tokenization of real-world assets presents a transformative opportunity for asset owners and investors. GCC Law stands at the forefront of this space, advising clients on the legal intricacies of converting real assets into tradeable digital tokens. We assist clients in unlocking liquidity and providing fractional ownership opportunities through the securitization of assets such as real estate, art, or commodities on the blockchain.


Unit Trusts


For clients looking to establish unit trusts that deal with digital assets, GCC Law provides comprehensive legal advice on the structuring and operation of these trusts. We navigate the regulatory landscape to create unit trusts that offer investors a share in a diversified digital asset portfolio while ensuring compliance with fiduciary duties and investment regulations.


Token Issuance Legal Opinions


Before launching a token issuance, it is critical to obtain a legal opinion that clarifies the nature of the token under applicable laws. GCC Law provides token issuance legal opinions that give issuers, investors, and regulators a clear understanding of the token’s classification, the rights it conveys, and its compliance with current regulations. These opinions are essential for token issuers to proceed with confidence and for platforms listing the tokens to do so with a clear regulatory standing.


At GCC Law, our multidisciplinary approach combines the expertise of our digital asset specialists with our securities lawyers to offer unparalleled service in digital securities and tokenization. We are committed to guiding our clients through the complexities of digital asset law, ensuring that they are well-positioned to take advantage of the rapidly evolving digital securities landscape. Whether it’s for innovative startups or established financial institutions, our goal is to provide cutting-edge legal solutions that align with our clients’ business strategies and the new frontiers of digital finance.

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